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This option allows you to set your crash settings locally regardless of rather than using the global crash settings on the BlackBox Web Portal. Go to the Download page to get the new SDK .


  • On and Off settings will override anything set on the Web Portal. Web Config will set the SDK into normal behavior as set on to use the settings in the BlackBox Web Portal.

  • If you change the the EnableHardwareInfoGathering setting, you must restart the engine for it to take effect.

  • Due to the current limitations of the SDK, if you set EnableHardwareInfoGathering as Web Config, it will only gather partial hardware information regardless of whether it is set to On in the BlackBox Web Portal. We will improve this gradually.

  • If enable_crash_reporter is set to Off, the crash is still sent to the Web Portal, but only contains crash context xml. Other things like creating session_id file, generating video, and generating dx_diagnosis file are skipped.

  • Any changes in these properties generate an external config file in [user]/.blackbox/[game_name]/local_config.ini. The content should be something like this: