Errors uploading the PDB symbol file using the BlackBox CLI


When you are uploading the PDB symbol file using the BlackBox CLI, you may encounter errors saying the system has failed to open the PDB symbol file, or has failed to register the build, as shown in the image below.

This error happens when the BlackBox CLI can’t find the configuration information it needs to upload the PDB symbol file. We can fix this using the information below.


To complete these instructions you must have the PDB symbol file in the shipping build folder. If you don’t, contact us and we will give you a link so that you can add the PDB symbol file to the shipping folder.

To check that your configuration has been saved:

  1. Check that the configuration exists in the DefaultEngine.ini file.
    You may have entered the configuration in Unreal Engine in the Project Settings, but, that doesn't mean you have saved the DefaultEngine.ini file.

  2. Go back to the Project Settings.

  3. Find the BlackBox SDK in Plugins.

  4. Click the SetAsDefault button.

Make sure the credentials are not empty, and are valid.