Introduction to BlackBox

Welcome to AccelByte BlackBox!

BlackBox offers a suite of essential tools that developers can use to efficiently capture and analyze game crashes, and monitor the performance of all key game systems. This ensures that newly developed game features do not have a detrimental impact on the game during development, production, and pre or post-launch.

BlackBox has several key differentiating features:

  • Comprehensive Reporting System BlackBox Crash Reporter can constantly capture and store a 10 second video of all game crashes. These are made available to you along with a symbolized crash report to show you the exact line of code that caused the crash.

  • Seamless Monitoring System Optimizing game performance is paramount to any game. Our Profiling features remove your team’s need for extensive additional profiling code, allowing the game development team to focus on game development, and fixing performance bottlenecks. BlackBox needs minimal initial setup, which then allows you to constantly measure your game performance from back to front, day after day, whether you’re a developer, product owner, or QA.

  • Third-party Integration We provide various third-party integrations that help your team manage the project issues highlighted in crash scenarios and optimization runs. We support JIRA integration to create and link existing JIRA tickets to track crash status. We also support integrating your build with Jenkins, integrating with your AccelByte account, and third-party alert notifications when a crash happens in your game. We support Slack, email, and are working on further integrations for the near future.

BlackBox services are compatible with Unreal Engine 4 + 5, and support games running in Windows and Linux, and we are constantly working to bring more supported devices, such as current and NextGen game consoles.