First steps - integrate the BlackBox tools into an Unreal project


To send crash reports from your Unreal game to BlackBox, you first need to integrate BlackBox into your Unreal project. This section goes into all the details you need to know to accomplish that.

The following video walks you through the simplest integration method, swapping the crash URL.

When you have watched the video, use the instructions in our documents to do the integration yourself.

The flow to integrate BlackBox is shown below. Follow the steps in order the first time time you do an integration.

  1. Install the appropriate version of Unreal Engine (4 or 5)

  2. Create a game in BlackBox

  3. Download and integrate the BlackBox Unreal SDK

  4. Install and configure the BlackBox CLI

  5. Upload a build to the BlackBox Backend

  6. Test your setup

You need to complete each stage sequentially for the integration to be successful.

To start integrating BlackBox into your Unreal game, follow the steps in Install Unreal Engine.