Onboard your team to BlackBox Hub for developer build distribution


This page is aimed at Build Engineers and Admins who set up BlackBox Hub for their development teams. For BlackBox Hub for general use by team members see the Introduction to BlackBox Hub.

In this document, we are going to take you through setting up your team with BlackBox Hub (ABY) so that you can distribute your builds to your development team. The section leads you all the way from setting up accounts, through adding build channels and channel groups, to downloading your team's first builds. It should take no more than a morning to do this.

As every team tends to use a different build strategy we will just go through a generic workflow here. Remember, you can always get in touch with us and seek further help through email or Slack.

Support question?  blackbox-support@accelbyte.net 


Set up your game and team

If you have not yet logged in to BlackBox Hub, refer to the email you were sent for your initial login details.

When you first login to BlackBox Hub you will see the web portal, and the list of games in the namespace you chose when you first contacted BlackBox. Typically, your namespace is the name of your studio or game, and our technical team would have already set that up for you.

The following sections go through the minimal setup needed to get your build distributed to your team. There are other documentation pages that go into greater detail.

As you can see in the next screenshot, we already have a lot of games in our Avengers namespace.

You probably don't have any yet, so click Add Game in the top right.

Now you have a game.

Add some team members

The next step is to add some team members to your namespace.

There are several levels of team member you can add, each with a different level of access. For now, pick Developer and call them George. George is going to get an auto email for login and setup. You can see more details about account management in the Manage Accounts document.

Great! So we have a namespace, we have a game, and now we have a team member.

Add a build channel to Blackbox Hub

Next we add a build channel to BlackBox Hub.

This build channel is where you push your builds to, the place your team members subscribe to, and the place builds are downloaded from.

So, login to BlackBox Hub, or download it from the BlackBox Web Portal, then login.

You can continue the rest of your onboarding on the general Introduction to the BlackBox Hub page.