BlackBox Release, March 30, 2022

New version includes:

  • BlackBox web portal v1.15.0

  • BlackBox Hub v0.13.0

  • BlackBox SDK v2.18.0

  • BlackBox CLI v2.4.0

Release highlights

BlackBox Web

1. Added FAQ documentation

We added new FAQ documentation links that summarize most of the questions asked by our users and that might help you to solve your problem.

2. Tied up the session with the uTrace file

Now we can produce a uTrace file at the end of the game session. Follow these steps in order to do so:

  • Run this command in your game package folder :

    1 <the game executable path> --trace=bbx,memory --tracefile="<a directory folder where you want to keep your Utrace file>\utrace\<utracename>.utrace".
  • After you quit the game, run the BlackBoxCLI to upload the uTrace file as below :

    1 BlackBoxCLI.exe build add-metadata --type utrace --file "<a directory folder that you have set before>.utrace"

BlackBox Hub

3. [New] drag and drop feature

This feature will make it easier for the user to upload the build to the Hub by allowing them to drag and drop the build folder to the Hub. 

4. Removed the UAC prompt during the first installation and binary download

Blackbox Hub is now removing the UAC prompt during the first installation and binary download.

The impacts of this change are :  

  • Program data directory will no longer be needed for new installation as we move our apps to AppData\Roaming 

  • All downloaded games will still play

  • We added validation when adding a new directory in settings

  • Validate: Users will not be able to add a Program Data directory or subdirectory

  • New games data will be stored in AppData\Roaming

5. Help and feedback menu now available in BlackBox Hub and Web Portal

We have added a help menu on the BlackBox Hub, and a feedback button both on the BlackBox Hub and the Web Portal so that you can send us feedback or questions about the product.

BlackBox CLI

6. Added the ability to upload Linux breakpad symbol from Windows CLI

To upload symbol from Windows CLI, follow these steps:

1. Create a Linux build as normal i.e., create the version, register the build, and set the crash url.

2. Add the following line to DefaultEngine.ini:


3. Build the game.

4. Upload the Linux breakpad symbol from Windows (The extension for the symbol file is .psym)

7. Added the ability to upload and download Linux server build using BBX-CLI on Ubuntu Server

8. CLI: Added the ability to change the target uploader URL of PS5 DevKit from the CLI

BlackBox CLI now supports changing the target uploader URL of PS5 DevKit. Follow these steps:

1. Make sure that Prospero SDK is installed in the system and that the SCE_ROOT_DIR environment variable exists.
2. Build the CLI as usual (Note: This feature only works on Windows for now).
3. Connect to a PS5 through PS5 Target Manager.
4. Take note of the current PS5 update URL either by using Target Settings in PS5 Target Manager or using the new CLI ps5 get-url command.
5. Use the following new ps5 commands:
- ps5 update-url testurl will change the upload URL of the PS5 into "testurl"
- ps5 get-url will output the current upload URL of the PS5.
6. Both of these commands will return an error if run from any OS other than Windows.

Bug fixes

  • BlackBox Hub: Fixed that the folder directory is inaccessible after updating the channel build

  • BlackBox Hub: Fixed that the redeploy button doesn't have a function on the PS5 card