Manage multiple API Keys


In the past, a user was only able to have one API Key which performed all the operations for each of their games. To allow users to set different operations in a game, we have introduced the ability to create and use multiple API Keys for a game. Each API Key will have its own scope or permission limit.

A scope is congruent with the CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operations. Each API Key can now be tweaked to the user's needs using a resource or REST endpoint which is set for allowed operations. For example, one API Key could be used in a game distribution for public use to report crashes and another API Key could be private to be used by developers.

The following instructions will guide you on how to use this feature.

Only Admin users have access to the multiple API Key feature.


Add a new API Key

These steps will guide you through adding a new API Key:

  1. Go to Game Settings and then to the API Key Management menu.

  2. Click Add New and a pop-up will display.

  3. Fill in the API Key Name and then add the new resources.

  4. To use the API Key to access specific features, choose one of the following resources:





    Note: You can only use one resource per box. If you need multiple resources, you’ll have to add a new resource for each.

  5. To use the API Key to access all features, use the following:

  6. Add more resources as needed and click the tick box in the appropriate CRUD column(s) for each resource.

  7. Click the Add button. The new API Key is created.

  8. Save the API Key somewhere safe as this is the only time you will see it.

Use the new API Key

Your new API Key is ready to be used with the features and permissions you have set. To give you an example of how your key might work, let’s say you have created a new API Key with the resources and permissions shown below:

The user will be able to use the API Key to check the available version of the CLI, but only has permission to read, as shown below.

The following example shows that, if a user tries to use your new API Key to create, update or delete the version, it will result in an error.

Add more API Keys

To add more API Keys, repeat the steps for adding a new API Key. Select the different resources and permissions that are tied to the new key.

Remove an API Key

To remove an API Key, click on the trash bin icon.

Click Delete in the message box to confirm you want to delete the API Key.

The API Key is deleted and can no longer be used.